Another great day for the Hooked Up fleet. Captain Rocky released a marlin on a half day charter!! Ez Pickens got the first blue marlin of the day which was estimated over 300 lbs plus the scores a Mahi Mahi !

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Another great day for the Hooked Up fleet. Hooked Up with Captain Rocky had a 3/4 trio in the morning and landed 2 stripe marlin and a spearfish. Then turned around and caught another spearfish on the afternoon half.. Ez Pickens had even a better day. They went 1-3 on blue marlin and the one […]

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Was a good day for the Hooked up fleet. Hooked Up went 2-5, landed a blue and stripe marlin. Ez Pickens releases a blue, steipe marlin and 2 spearfish. Plus killed a stripe marlin and a huge 50+ spearfish.

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