Captain & Crew

Kona Deep Sea Fishing Crew with Decades of Experience on the Water

Chuck Wigzell and his handpicked crew are experienced and our professionals in kona deep sea fishing. We pride ourselves on being able to work well with individuals, families and groups – and have a great time while doing so. It is our mission to create the best deep sea fishing experience in Hawaii. Our many years of experience, combined with a passion for what we do, ensure that you enjoy spending the day with us on the water, and that you’ll walk away with an adventure you’ll never forget. Once you depart the island of Kona on one of our boats, we’ll fish for blue marlin, stripe marlin, spearfish, mahi mahi, ono and tuna, among others. Join us year-round, and rest assured knowing that we offer full refunds if any cancellations occur due to weather or ocean conditions.

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Captain Chuck Wigzell

Captain Chuck Wigzell, owner and operator of Hooked Up, has been a captain in Kona, Hawaii since 1995, but his experience on the water in Kona began when he was just a kid. He first moved to Hawaii in 1985, when his parents took then-thirteen-year-old Chuck from his home state of Oregon to the Big Island. Together, Chuck’s parents opened a restaurant that is now a local favorite: Pancho & Lefty’s in downtown Kona. Chuck grew up in Hawaii, but chose to go to college at Southern Oregon University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. While receiving his education, Chuck also honed his skills as a fisherman; by scheduling classes every other day of the week, he was able to fish on the Rogue and other Southern Oregon rivers for salmon and steelhead on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As Chuck jokingly puts it, “I think I spent more time on the river than I did in class.” While his passion for fishing runs deep, Chuck credits the true start of his fishing career to his time in Kona in 1992. During the summer months of his college years, he and his brother would fish for the family restaurant’s local catch using their dad’s boat. Today, Chuck and his wife, Beverley, live on The Island with their two kids, Zac and Hana. Chuck’s parents’ restaurant, Pancho & Lefty’s, remains a downtown Kona establishment – and it still gets its fresh fish from Chuck himself. You can catch your own fish with Chuck and have it cooked for your very own fresh-caught fish dinner at Pancho & Lefty’s. Doing so offers you a 20% discount and a meal you won’t forget.

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Captain/Crew Jim Wigzell

fishing in konaCaptain Jim Wigzell owns a his own charter boat company in Kona called Go Get ‘Em Sportfishing, but when he’s not fishing his own boat, he either captains or crews for his brother, Chuck when needed. Captain Jim Wigzell has been fishing off the Kona Coast since 1992, and originally began fishing in Kona with his brother, Chuck. Captain Jim’s biggest blue marlin catch to date weighed 1,040 pounds and was caught while he was crewing in 1999. Whether you’re an experienced angler looking for that trophy blue marlin or a family just looking to have some fun with the kids, Jim will go to the limit to catch fish with you. On the boat, Jim is very enthusiastic, and is great with families. Jim always gets the kids involved in catching the bait and smaller fish when they are available, and will even help them land a big marlin. In addition to being an expert fisherman, Jim has his PGA teaching professional card, and is the Konawaena High School golf coach during the spring.

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Captain/Crew Rocky Gauron

Rocky, a third generation fisherman, comes to Kona from November through April to escape the chilly winter months in New Hampshire. He fishes for Captain Chuck part time during these winter months.  Rocky and his family own Gauron fishing Parties out of Hampton Beach, where they fish for cod, pollack and hadick, in addition to fishing commercial giant blue fin tuna. At the age of just 19, Rocky took over his dad’s command and took full responsibility for his family’s 90-foot boat. Today, Rocky splits his time between fishing off the coast of New Hampshire and fishing with Chuck off the island of Hawaii in the winters, which he has done since 2008.

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Captain/Crew Shawn Slattery

Captain Shawn Slattery moved to Kona from Florida in 2015. He started working with Jim on Go Get Em Sportfishing until Chuck Stole him away.  Shawn has been commercial fishing his whole life around Florida and in the Gulf.  He moved to Hawaii when his ex-wife took an opportunity as a full time chef in Kona.  So he decided to follow the family out to Kona and help his ex-wife with the kids (he still has a great relationship with her).  He finally started charter fishing for a living.  Shawn still owns his commercial boat in Florida and has a captain and crew running it.  Shawn crews for Captain Chuck full time now on all the boats and helps maintain the boats as well. He enjoys Kona deep sea fishing and the opportunity to be out on the water, meet new people and charter fish for a living.


Just wanted to send you a big thank you for the great day on the water. We all saw action and that’s we we asked for. Sometimes you tie into a big one, some times you don’t. It was a good day to be on the water.