Deep Sea Charter Fishing In Kona Hawaii On The Big Island!

Get “Hooked Up” charter fishing in Kona Hawaii.  We offer 1/2, 3/4, full day and last minute deep sea fishing charters.  We fillet the fish for you to enjoy at no extra cost. We have great rates and a proven catch record and you can see this in our daily fish report.  Captain Chuck owns and operates, the very large, clean and comfortable 40′ Hooked Up.

Hooked Up Sportfishing specializes in CATCHING FISH and making sure you have a GREAT TIME doing it! We fish for blue marlin, spearfish,  ahi tuna, mahi mahi and ono year round off the Kona coast of the Big Island in Hawaii. Plus we are always on the look out for the smaller football size tuna. They range from 3-20 pounds and are great to catch for those that want some action on light tackle. It is our mission to create the best deep sea charter fishing experience possible. Our friendly professional captain and crew work great with the customers and will make your fishing trip worth while in Kailua-Kona Hawaii.

charter fishing in kona hawaiiHooked Up also has fun taking kids and family’s fishing, and we’re happy to customize your charter deep sea fishing trip for the whole family. We work great with kids and families. Hooked Up has a variety of different tackle and equipment to make fishing for the kids easy and fun. With large side rails around the cockpit area and plentiful shade, this boat is safe and comfortable for families big and small.

At the end of the day, we’ll FILLET the fish you catch for no charge, and you can take it back to your condo to grill. Or you can get it cooked at our family owned restaurant in downtown Kona, Pancho and Lefty’s. It doesn’t get any better than that.

marlin fishing kona Hooked Up is professionally maintained by Captain Chuck and Shawn. When they are not deep sea charter fishing in Kona Hawaii you will find them at Honokohua harbor working and maintaining the Hooked Up. They make sure all the tackle and the boat is in order so you will have a great fishing trip off the Kona coast. We pride ourselves on having the best charter fishing equipment available. We offer light, medium and heavy fishing tackle.

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Fishing Charter Reports

Tourism is slowing down but the blue marlin fishing has not slowed down a bit yet. So kind of nice not having all the boats out fishing. Caught 12 blue marlin and we only...
Ez Pickens ended up catching 6 blue marlin, a spearfish and a ono in the BIMT!! Had a great weekend with world record holders Chip and Jada Van Moles plus Stu. The 33rd Big...
Captain Shawn and Zac list 2 blue marlin on Hooked Up . Ez Pickens caught 2 blues.
Captain Shawn amd Zac caught a blue marlin and missed a blue. Ez Pickens caught a blue and spearfish. Blue marlin

Some information you can use about sport fishing in Kona, Hawaii…

kona fishing

The Kona Coast is protected by the large volcanic mountains that rise near 14,000 feet, the sea is usually calm. It is possible to fish almost every day out of the year. The steep slopes of the volcanic mountains extend into the sea which makes the shoreline deep. It is 6000 feet deep just three miles out from Honokahau Harbor? In many sport fishing destinations a boat must travel great distances to get to the fishing grounds, in Kailua Kona, Hawaii the fishing starts just minutes outside of the harbor. This is the reason many sport fishing charters offer half day fishing trips. It is possible for a charter boat to do three half day fishing trips in one day during the longer summer months.

Sport fishing charters in Kona target many species of fish. The most sought after fish is the giant Blue Marlin. There are usually a couple of grander’s (marlin over one thousand pounds) taken every year.  There are several Marlin fishing tournaments each year in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  The other billfish targeted are the Spearfish, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Black Marlin and the Swordfish. Tuna is a great sport fish and you will find the Albacore, Bigeye, Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna roaming the seas of the Kona Coast.  Besides the Tuna and Billfish, you can also fish for Mahi Mahi (Dorado), Ono (Wahoo), Kahala (Amberjack), Ulus (Giant Trivially) and few other minor species.  It is no wonder with the varieties of fish, the calm seas, the wonderful Hawaiian weather, and the majestic Hawaiian scenery that Kailua Kona, Hawaii is a major fishing destination for many anglers around the world.

There are several methods of angling that the sport fishing charter boats use to catch their fish. The most common method is by trolling. Next might be the live bait method which a small live Tuna or Mackerel is pulled behind the charter boat to lure the bigger fish to the gaff. A few sport fishing charters offer bottom fishing where some bait is dropped down to the bottom to entice a fish to bite. Vertical jigging is another technique of bottom fishing and is a good for catching big jacks on the bottom.  Captain Chuck is very good at this and is almost famous in Japan. Captain Chuck also is a yacht broker and you can check out his web page at www.konacoastyachts.com.
I hope some of this information is of help- take a look around the web site for more information about fishing in Kona Hawaii- Then Email Chuck at konacharterboat@gmail.com.

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Thanks again for a great day on the water on Monday PM. Susanne, Alexandra, Jennet, Nick and I rally appreciated your tailored trip just for us. Too bad we didn’t “Hook Up” on anything on either the outbound or return trip from Buoy F. We finally ran out of tuna yesterday after four days of great Poki appetizers and Ahi for dinner. 

Dennis W. Robbins