Made the newspaper!!

When a fisherman watches someone else do well on a day when he hasn’t, he’ll shrug his shoulders and say “It was his turn. We’ll get ours.” 
Last week, it was unarguably Capt. Chuck Wigzell’s turn. Chuck skippers both EZ Pickens and Hooked Up. 
He started the week on EZ Pickens and tagged blue marlin estimated at 400- and 150-pounds. The next day, on Hooked Up, he tagged a striped marlin estimated at 100 pounds (close to the biggest of the year). Back on Hooked Up on Thursday, Chuck released blues estimated at 350 and 180, and a 30-pound spearfish and brought back a 25-pound spear. Back at the helm of EZ Pickens on Friday, Chuck released a 400-pound blue and weighed a 30-pound spearfish and a 15-pound mahimahi. 
Keep fishing. You’ll get your turn.