7/29-8/2 HIBT

These five days we fished the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament. Was its 60th anniversary. I fished on Ez Pickens and ended up in 4th place overall. Was one spearfish away form 3rd place or 1 blue marlin away from 1st place. Coming in to the last day we were in second place with 4 blue marlin, a stripe marlin and 2 spearfish, we only needed a blue to take the top spot. I ended up not catching a billfish on the last day of the tournament and couple other boats had huge days and knocked me down to 4h place overall. So close to winning it, maybe next year. Hooked Up had a ruff week they only released 1 blue and 1 spearfish. There were a lot of boats with big name captains that struggled that week as well some of them never even caught a billfish in 5 days of fishing.

picture of ez pickens before the start of the fishing tournament

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