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Hooked Up went in to dry dock the last four days… We buffed and polished the hull, cleaned and painted the bottom, got a marine survey for the insurance company plus a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff. Painted some tunas in the bottom that turned out pretty good. Kona Dropping back in the water! Hooked […]

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Had a father and a couple of sons fly over from Oahu just to fish one day in kona. They were vacationing in Waikiki Hawaii from Australia but new Kona was the spot to fish for Blue Marlin… So they jumped on a Plane and flew over early fished and back again that night to […]

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blue marlin


Took a two couples from Oregon and California that have fished with me several times over the years on a full day fishing charter. We caught and released two blue marlin plus missed 4 other billfish that were stripe marlin, blue marlin or spearfish. Two couples with Blue Marlin

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Family fishing trip.


Back out on the 40′ Hooked Up and we caught and released a blue marlin plus some small tuna for a nice family from central Washington. With little kids and can be little difficult to give it a full day try. But this family was patient and it paid off. We also lost 3 other […]

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stripe marlin

1/5/20 Kona Fishing Report

Released 3 stripe marlin plus a spearfishing today. We also lost 4 other bill fish strikes – blue marlin, stripe marlin or spearfish. When we get a bite and do not see the fish we real the lure in and check it. When checking it if we see bill marks or teeth marks on the […]

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Fishing In Kona Hawaii


We released 2 blue marlin today while we were on the Ez Pickens plus we lost another strike. Last couple days before that we have had a hard time sticking our bullish bites. Every day we had opportunities but they all got away. Plus it has been a little slower fishing for the Kona fleet […]

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