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Caught 10 fish for two couples. I want to pass along what an amazing time with Rocky and Logan. We will add comments to trip advisor as well. Those two saved the day as far as fishing goes. Caught 10 fish total one being a mahi mahi. They made the entire trip so memorable and […]

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2/6/21 Blue Marlin

John from Washington went fishing a few days earlier on another boat and caught some small tunas. He really wanted to catch a blue Marlin so he called us up for his second trip out of Kona. We ended up catching amd releasing a blue marlin around 125 pounds plus lost another one and he […]

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New Boat 1/31/21

Just got done with a week trip to West Palm Beach Florida. Owners of Ez Pickens are thinking of buying a new 54’ Viking to fish in Kona Hawai for blue marlin. Actually they put a 10% deposit on Hull #9. The build will take a year to complete but the process has started. We […]

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