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We have been catching ono amd blue marlin pretty consistently since the last report. It’s crazy busy here at the moment and the boat has been fishing every day since first of June. This summer has not been as good as recent summers but maybe the rest of August amd September will go off and […]

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The odds caught up with us today and we stuck both blue marlin we hooked…. one was around 400 pounds and the other 175 pounds. Both fish were released. We went 2-2 on blue marlin today. 400# Blue Marlin 175 # Blur Marlin

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We had double half day charters. First half caught a stripe marlin and the second half went 1-2 on stripe marlin plus we caught and released a 550-600 pound blue marlin. Only in Kona Hawaii will you have fishing like this.. We are known for big fish not a lot of small fish… Blue Marlin […]

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blue marlin


Captain Zac and Sheep caught a blue marlin and a spearfish today on the first half trip. The second trip never caught a fish . Thats how fishing is, don’t know what time of the day they will bite… Some times its morning some times its afternoon. Thats why I always recommend a full day..

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We managed to get a blue marlin the second half day and a small jack for the birthday boy. Plus a mahi mahi the morning trip. The deep sea fishing in Kona Hawaii. Has been little tuff past now.. but there is a few around.

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