December 25-31 2015 Hooked Up Catch Report

This last week in 2015 has produced a lot of billfish for the fleet out of Kona. Seems like there was a big wave of spearfish that showed up off the Big Island.  Hooked Up caught a Blue Marlin,  Ono, some Amberjacks, Shark, Grey Snapper and small Tunas this week.  Lot of the charters this week just wanted to catch anything so Hooked Up only got to troll lures to and from the buoy or where they dropped a bait to the bottom.  Lure fishing is the technique the best captains in Kona (which are also some of the best in the world) use to target the billfish and other pelagic fish. But if you go and do not catch dont think they did not try.  There is a lot of work and preperation that gos in to rigging the lures and tackle behind the scenes. People that think they did not try dont understand the fishery.