Fish Filleting Policy

We fillet the fish right on the boat and pack the fillets in ice as quickly as possible to start the cooling process. Most customers just take enough fish to enjoy while they are on vacation in Kona Hawaii. If you would like more than that, we do fillet up to 50 pounds of whole fish for our guests. We really like to release the blue marlin and other billfish if it is possible. If the boat keeps them or the giant ahi tuna then we have to properly brine them for 2 days and more of a task to just fillet on the boat and give you.

Kona is not like Alaska or East coast. We have no packing and shipping facilities on the Island. Hawaii is just not that type of fishery since the islands are so new and there is no bottom or reef systems. We are really a blue marlin and oceanic pelagic fishery (billfish, mahi mahi, ono, and tuna) since we are fishing in open ocean and beyond a continental shelf. Its a mile deep just 3 miles from shore. We can not just go and catch snapper, grouper or other ground fish for you to eat. That does not exist hear.

ahi tuna