Fish Filleting Policy

fishing filleting policy

Hooked Up has a great fish filleting policy that works for the clients and the captain and crew. We fillet the fish right on the boat and pack the fillets on ice as quickly as possible to start the cooling process. You can request to leave the skin on or off. The crew does a great and professional job on filleting the fish with no waist. The yield is 60% or more on the fish we fillet in Hawaii. For example if we cut a 20 pound ono you will have 12 pounds of fillet or little more.

Most customers just take enough fish to enjoy while they are on vacation in Kona Hawaii. We will fillet up to 50 pounds of whole fish for our guests which is about 30 pounds of fillet. If you would like more than that, please let us know before your fishing trip so their is no miscommunication between the captain and crew.

Fish We Fillet

kona fishing filleting policy

The fish we cut are the mahi mahi, ono, spearfish, yellow fin tuna (ahi) and stripe marlin under fifty pounds. Fish bigger then that we usually don’t fillet but its at the captains discretion to cut it or not. Hooked Up practices tag and release on the blue marlin and other billfish if its possible. If the boat keeps the marlin or the giant ahi tuna then we brine them for 24 hours in a ice slurry to bring temperature down to under 40 degrees for the fish market.

Hawaii Is A Sportfishing Destination

Hawaii charter boats fish policy is not like Alaska or the rest of the mainland. First, Hawaii is one of the only states in the U.S. where the charter boats have commercial fishing licenses. Which means they can sell their catch right off the boats. Second Hawaii has no packing and shipping facilities on the Island. Its such a long flight back to the mainland its difficult to ship the fish back to the mainland. Third, Hawaii’s main charter fishery is fishing in open ocean and there is no snapper, grouper or other ground fish for you to eat. That fishery just does not exist hear.