Captain Shawn and Andrew caught and released a blue marlin and missed 2 other blues today. They also captured a spearfish for the customers from North Carolina to enjoy while on vacation while deep sea fishing in Kona Hawaii.

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3 blue marlin and a spearfish today. We had triple half day charters. The second trip caught two blues and a spear. The last trip caught a blue and lost a again and the first trip never landed anything.. In Kona it is not a morning fishery and the bite can happen anytime.

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Tuff day fishing off the Kona coast especially for all the half day boats as the fish seemed to move a little more away from the harbor. But I was on Ez Pickens this weekend and caught 3 blue marlin lost a blue plus missed 2 spearfish. But I was fishing full days which gave […]

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Caught this little boy from Louisiana a skip jack tuna. I screwed up his departure time and hopefully his parents r not that mad – he had to wait around for me before his fishing trip. But I think he had super fun and enjoyed the boat and experience…

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