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Hooked Up is a great way to spend the day with a Kona family fishing trip.

ahi tuna kona fishing

Father And Son Ahi Tuna

Fishing in Kona could take your Kona family vacation from memorable to truly unforgettable. Join Hooked Up for a customized Kona family fishing trip just for you and your kids. The captain and crew always enjoy taking kids out fishing and work hard to make it a nice experience for them. We have caught a lot of kids their first fish and their biggest fish.  We have had 10 year olds or younger catch their first blue marlin, spearfish, mahi mahi, ono and tuna. Crew along with the parents will help the kids catch thier fish in a way that’s both safe and fun while trying to teach them proper technique. With no raised voices while fighting a trophy fish or any negative responses from the captain or crew if the fish comes off. We understand that its called fishing and not catching and Hooked Up realizes its supposed to be a fun, enjoyable and a good experience for the kids…

Captain Shawn helping Jackson!

We offer a variety of unique opportunities, from trolling for pelagic fish, to small tuna fishing. This depends on the conditions of the day, wind and current on what we target.  If the small tuna are around then that is what we like to target to get the kids hooked up.   They are the easiest and most enjoyable to catch for kids. The smaller tuna are on the surface and they congregate around the FAD’s or buoy’s the state of Hawaii puts out.  The FAD’s are set for the fishing boats to have some kind of structure to hold the tuna.  The skip jack and yellow fin typically weigh between 3-15 pounds and the yellow fin our great to eat.  We use light stand up tackle to catch these tuna.

Hooked Up is a great boat for kids and families. It has large side rails around the cockpit area which makes it safe for the kids to walk around on the deck and be part of the action. Boat has plenty of shade, plus two full size couches in the cabin where you can get out of the sun while you wait for the bite. Boat is really comfortable and affordable for families.

charter fishing in kona

Opelu that dad help catch!

Captain and Crew will always work good with the kids and families. In fact, Captain Chuck has two children Zac and Hana who grew up fishing on the boat themselves. Plus Captain Shawn has three kids that grew up on his boat fishing with him. As Captain Chuck puts it, “I enjoy taking kids out fishing. I see the excitement and joy my two children get after landing a fish, and I know how important it is to get other kids involved and hook their own fish.”

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We are already planning our trip for next year! I have a request in with my timeshare for The Kona Coast Resort so we will be closer to the marina.
Let Bevan and Olivia know we enjoyed meeting them and look forward to seeing them next year as well.

Philip Whetstone