Prices are for the boat and not per person, they do not include gratuity or tax. You can bring up to 6 people max and the rate is for everyone in your party and not per person. Remember its called fishing and not catching, we do not guarantee fish every trip..  We require a 48 hour cancellation notice for a full refund. You can email captain Chuck at wigzellt001@hawaii.rr.com or call (808)960-5877 to book or if you have any questions. Remember its called fishing not catching and we do not guarantee you will always catch but we do guarantee we will try our best to get you in to some action.

Half Day- $500

3/4 Day- $675

Full Day- $850


The charter fishing boats in Kona Hawaii are what the coast guard calls a 6 pack license.  Which means we are allowed to take up to 6 people maximum on a paid chartered fishing trip and no more. Does not matter the age or the size of a passengers.  Lot of people ask, we have a small child do they count?  Answer is yes.

How ever if you do have more than 6 people in your group that want to fish we can split the group up between Hooked Up and Ez Pickens or my brothers boat.  But if you all want to stay together there is two boats in the harbor that are what the coast guard calls a multi passenger vessel and is coast guard certified to take more than 6 people. These boats usually fish a half day and charge a per person fee and take up to 12 people or more on a trip.

The way the fishing is in Kona we don’t recommend you going on a share boat. Odds are way down on you catching with a lot of people on the boat sharing the poles.  Plus you will be on a boat with people you do not know.