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6/29/20 Kona Fishing Report

Released 2 blues and a spearfish on Sunday. The fishing in Kona is good at the moment and should continue threw September. Charter boats were reporting blue marlin catches up and down the cost over this past week… You will be able to come to Kona with no quarantine if you do a pretest starting […]

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6/28/20 Fishing Report

Went 3/5 from billfish. Releasing 2 blue marlin and capturing a shortnose spearfish. Fishing in Kona is getting pretty consistent and we are seeing blue marlin or spearfish every trip. We stick about 65% of our bites from these type of fish… Blue Marlin Kona

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6/20/20 Kona Fishing Report

Out fishing on the Ez Pickens this weekend. Missed a spearfish or a blue marlin early this morning and that’s been it so far trolling lures.. During the week I finished my sub-floor beneath the cockpit of the Hooke Up. Cut out the old rotten wood and fiberglass and replaced it with a fiberglass board… […]

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6/13/20 Kona Fishing Report

The Kona Fishing Report for today is we caught a blue marlin and a spearfish . We kept the spearfish to enjoy , we made ceviche out of some of it then just barbecued or fried the rest.. The fishing in Kona has beem good . Boat that are out fishing have been consistently seeing […]

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Caught a nice yellow fin tuna today… Fishwas around 90 pounds maybe little bigger. Fishing in Kona has picked up since last week. The fishing boats are catching more blue marlin and with these yellow fin ahi tuna here now summer has officially kicked off… When they lift this quarantine at the end of June […]

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