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First fishing trip just wanted food so captain Shawn went for the first sure thing and they caught little yellowfin tunas at the buoy. The second trip scored and caught a nice blue marlin while trolling lures in Kona.. Blue Marlin

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Captain Shawn and Logan releases a blue marlin and caught two Amberjack on the late half day fishing charter out of kind. They always don’t bite in the morning . That’s why it’s best to do a full day in kona… first trip never got any big fish.. Amberjack

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Day two turned out to be the one for Kyle and Captain Shawn and Logan. They released 3 blue marlin and caught a monster of a mahi mahi. Kyle booked 3 full days and first day they missed two blue marlin, so now u know why the series fisher people book multiple days. Fishing can […]

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