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The marlin fishing is still really good in Kona Hawai’i. This is a good time to go because tourism is slow and there are no boats out fishing. Like we have the ocean to ourself lately. We caught 1 blue marlin and a spearfish while deep sea fishing in Kona today. We also lost two […]

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9/1-9/19 Fish Report

Hooked Up caught 25 blue marlin, a sailfish, a few mahi mahi and ono the last 19 days. During this stretch we hosted a group with Thomas Maxwell (madmaxsportfishing) from New Zealand for 10 full days and they caught 10 of these blues and the sailfish. Ez Pickens fished six days as well and they […]

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Been quality instead of quantity fishing in Kona at the moment for the charter boat fleet. Not a lot of mahi, ono or tuna around at the moment. But there is a lot of blue marlin in Kona her now. We fished a half day from 6-10 a.m. with a grandfather, son and grandson and […]

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