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Caught 2 blue marlin and 4 mahi mahi on Ez Pickens couple days ago. Hooked up caught 2 blue marlin as well . Had a few trips where we did not catching anything at all as well. Blue Marlin Mahi Mahi

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Kona Fishing Report

12/9/20 – The blue Marlin fishing is still really consistent for the kona fishing fleet. There quite a few Marlin caught since the last report on Monday. Plus there are some pretty good signs of the Mahi Mahi starting to show up under the floating debris you find while fishing. Blue Marlin

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Was not able to do much boat work this week on the Hooked Up. We did manage to varnish all the cabinet doors in the v-birth and bathroom. The deep sea fishing for blue marlin and yellow fin tuna is still pretty slow this week in Kona Hawaii. I heard of a few caught among […]

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First fishing trip today was for a 7 year old. Austin caught a big spearfish plus a Amberjack. The second charter of the day was a afternoon half and brothers Matthew and Andrew caught a big spearfish. They were just minutes from the harbor when they hooked it on the way in. Andrew and Matthew […]

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Another big day for Hooked Up. Captain Rocky and Logan releases a blue marlin plus two stripe marlin while deep sea fishing in Kona ! Plus Ez Pickens caught 2 blue marlin and 2 spearfish today as well. Blue Marlin Released

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