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Kona Fishing Report

12/9/20 – The blue Marlin fishing is still really consistent for the kona fishing fleet. There quite a few Marlin caught since the last report on Monday. Plus there are some pretty good signs of the Mahi Mahi starting to show up under the floating debris you find while fishing. Blue Marlin

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Kona fishing

12/5/20 – Took out two couples fishing on Ez Pickens. Had great fun, they were supper entertaining. It’s usually us always doing the talking but not this time. We caught Jeff and Holly a hid amd her bkue marlin- (2 blue Marlin while fishing kona) and we were using lures today. We had 5 other […]

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Kona Charter Fishing

8/1/20 Started August off with releasing a blue marlin today… Took us 8.5 hours to find the fish but we got one.. Fishing in Kona was a little tuff yesterday but there was 5 marlin caught amongst the small amount of Kona charter fishing boats out.

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6/28/20 Fishing Report

Went 3/5 from billfish. Releasing 2 blue marlin and capturing a shortnose spearfish. Fishing in Kona is getting pretty consistent and we are seeing blue marlin or spearfish every trip. We stick about 65% of our bites from these type of fish… Blue Marlin Kona

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All the deep sea charter fishing boats charter permits our suspended until May 1 as of now. We can still go commercial fishing and we still have a chance of catching a blue marlin and other billfish. But Hooked Up has chosen to take advantage of the down time and work on the boat. I’ll […]

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