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Fish Report- 9/19/20

Fished the 3 day blue marlin tournament “Its a Wrap” this weekend. We tagged and released a blue marlin that won us $5,400 in daily side bet money. One boat landed two blue marlin over 500 pounds on the very first day of the tournament. Thats all they caught for the 3 days but still […]

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6/20/20 Kona Fishing Report

Out fishing on the Ez Pickens this weekend. Missed a spearfish or a blue marlin early this morning and that’s been it so far trolling lures.. During the week I finished my sub-floor beneath the cockpit of the Hooke Up. Cut out the old rotten wood and fiberglass and replaced it with a fiberglass board… […]

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Lot of prep to make the awlgrip paint look good when you are rolling and tipping it on to a smooth surface. We are starting our second coat up top. Best to spray it but our dry dock facility is closed so to the virus. We are going fishing in Kona this weekend. Fishing in […]

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Captain Zac took out Hooked Up fishing in Kona today . He’s been working hard on the boat since the charter fishing has been shut down and give him the weekend to fish. He caught a shortnose spearfish and lost a blue marlin.. Spearfish

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We went commercial fishing a couple of times in Kona since let post . We caught 2 spearfish and 2 ono. Kept all four fish for our family and friends to eat… Been doing a lot of work on Hooked Up still this week. We have plenty of things to do on the boat to […]

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