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to show everyone the blue marlin


Tourism is slowing down but the blue marlin fishing has not slowed down a bit yet. So kind of nice not having all the boats out fishing. Caught 12 blue marlin and we only fished 9 days and couple of those days were just half day trips. Had a few big days during this time […]

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Ez Pickens ended up catching 6 blue marlin, a spearfish and a ono in the BIMT!! Had a great weekend with world record holders Chip and Jada Van Moles plus Stu. The 33rd Big Island Marlin Tournament Final Catch Log. 80 blue marlin! 76 tagged and released. 1,035.5 Keith Hilton Marlin Magic II 617.5 Craig […]

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Been quality instead of quantity fishing in Kona at the moment for the charter boat fleet. Not a lot of mahi, ono or tuna around at the moment. But there is a lot of blue marlin in Kona her now. We fished a half day from 6-10 a.m. with a grandfather, son and grandson and […]

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Captain Shawn ran the boat today with Carry as the crew and they had a very good day. 3-5 on blue marlin, and one of them was caught on are skipjack tuna rod and reel set up. Very impressive that they were able to get the fish to the boat on 25 lbs gear and […]

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