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Kona Fishing Report

Caught and released a spearfish today and also captured a ono. The fishing is still really consistent over the weekends. Not doing much fishing Monday-Friday since no tourism or charters. Below is a picture I got off my food camara if the 400 we caught last week.

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6/13/20 Kona Fishing Report

The Kona Fishing Report for today is we caught a blue marlin and a spearfish . We kept the spearfish to enjoy , we made ceviche out of some of it then just barbecued or fried the rest.. The fishing in Kona has beem good . Boat that are out fishing have been consistently seeing […]

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Had a father and a couple of sons fly over from Oahu just to fish one day in kona. They were vacationing in Waikiki Hawaii from Australia but new Kona was the spot to fish for Blue Marlin… So they jumped on a Plane and flew over early fished and back again that night to […]

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Ez Pickens caught and released 4 blue marlin on Saturday. They were roughly around 500,400,150 and 125 pounds. Hooked up caught and released 1 blue marlin and lost 2 on Sunday! Blue Marlin 500 pounds 400 Poinds 150 pounds

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Caught 3 blue marlin and 2 spearfish on Ez Pickens and 1 blue marlin on Hooked Up this weekend. The fishing slowed down during the week for the kona fleet but the fishing seems to have picked up quite a bit this weekend for all the boats in Kona Hawaio Blue Marlin Fish Flags

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