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Kona Charter Fishing

8/1/20 Started August off with releasing a blue marlin today… Took us 8.5 hours to find the fish but we got one.. Fishing in Kona was a little tuff yesterday but there was 5 marlin caught amongst the small amount of Kona charter fishing boats out.

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Went out fishing Sunday and we missed a nice big yellow fin ahi tuna. That would of been a really nicer catch since they are worth so much money… it’s not practical to commercial fish for them out of kona from a big charter boat that burns to much fuel but we do get them […]

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Some big fish moved in to Kona last few days. At least 8 fish were reported or caught between 400-750 pounds from the deep sea charter fishing fleet. Hooked Up has caught 6 spearfish and 1 stripe marlin since last fish report plus lost a couple of nicer blue marlin. Spearfish for Andrew and Matthew […]

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Well even know we love catching blue marlin and we are one of the best boats at it in Kona Hawaii we had to take a break from it and catch some small tunas for a family with kids . Small yellow fin tuna Tuna

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